She had assimilated and customized theoretical and practical constructions in order to develop technical and creative courses of studies for each of her students.

Her education and experience allow her to develop professionalism in pop, soul, rock and jazz music.

Her motivation is expressed into the ability to encourage students by combining educational objectives, stylistic preferences and actual talent. The courses she keeps are addressed to all those who wish to learn, explore and experiment the possibilities of their own vocal instrument. The training program takes into account the attitudes and objectives expressed by the individual student and it is developed through the technique, repertoire and performance. A more detailed program is intent for students who plan to prepare professionally, in this case, the training pathway will be personalized and aimed at achieving the required skills for accessing Music Conservatories (Pop, Jazz).

She is also engaged as Vocal Coach for all the students who need to be followed during the studio recording sessions and auditions.

Here below are the Musical Academies where she teaches singing:

Accademia Musicale Risonanze
Armonie Musicali